My name is Michael Licavoli: artist, valedictorian, and all around animation enthusiast. Throughout my career I've had the chance to work with world renowned artists such as Todd McFarlane and amazing painters abroad. I spent a year teaching in Japan where I made some lifelong memories and influences that are apart of my work to this day. I've been lucky enough to work as an animator, comic inker, and game artist in the entertainment industry. 

Today I'm developing my own IP ranging from game conent with some wonderful colleagues, polishing my copyrights for publication, and striving to find the right niche to provide for my family. My daily workflow includes everything from character art, video compositing, to hand-drawn environments. New contacts welcome! 

Specialties: Art Assets, Maya, Animation, Character Art, Illustrations, Digital Illustration, Storyboards, Storytelling, Concept Artist, Writing, ZBrush, Photoshop, Texturing

Our Story

Being raised on a farm in a small town in a small town with no stoplights, I had little to no exposure of the world of art and entertainment.  A steadfast passion for drawing and story structure led me to land a position at TMP International working directly under Todd McFarlane himself before I had ever even purchased a comic.  This grit let me to go out into the world and try at independent art for myself.  We look to set ourselves apart and walk next to the giants instead of staying in their shadows.  Establishing Never Before Studios has been dream that I'd always planned on pursuing, but never had the means.  Then in 2017 things finally clicked and I fully invested in the studio. We have legitimate state of the art hardware and software needed to produce competitive art assets up to 8K and higher.  


Featured above are the various renders passes used to create a composite piece in 3D.